Flywheel Partners with Google Cloud to Provide Clinical Researchers with Advanced Cloud Technology and Machine Learning for Medical Imaging

Flywheel, provider of cloud-based collaborative science solutions for biomedical research, today announced a technology partnership with Google Cloud to integrate Google’s Cloud Healthcare Application Programming Interface (API) with Flywheel’s platform to provide clinical researchers with advanced cloud technology for medical imaging research.

Flywheel and Google Partner to Deliver Industry’s First Cloud-based MRI Research Center at Columbia University

Flywheel, the research informatics company, announces the deployment of its medical imaging research platform at Columbia University on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The Flywheel platform has been used by the Columbia neuroscience and biomedical imaging community and their internal and external collaborators at Columbia’s Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute since June 2017. With rapid user adoption and increased demands for largescale data management and computation, Columbia has expanded the Flywheel program and migrated to Google Cloud.

GeneMatters and Clear Genetics announce partnership to increase access to genetic counseling

Innovative combination improves access, lowers cost and meets patients’ needs through technology and telehealth.

GeneMatters and Clear Genetics today announced they will offer a joint service that combines chatbots with live genetic counselors. The arrangement will help healthcare organizations enable more patients to receive genetic counseling in a consistent, timely and affordable manner, while allowing patients to drive the level of service they need.

OneOme Expands its Comprehensive Pharmacogenomic Test Offering with New Genes and Medications

OneOme, co-developed by Mayo Clinic, today announced several significant enhancements to its product offering, including the addition of four new genes (HLA-A, HLA-B, CYP4F2, and CYP2C Cluster) and nine new medications to its RightMed® comprehensive test, a pharmacogenomic (PGx) test that analyzes a patient’s DNA to predict how they will respond to hundreds of medications. In addition to these updates, OneOme now gives providers the option to order the MTHFR gene as a complimentary add-on to the RightMed test.