Imbio Signs License Agreement from Brain Tumor Segmentation Algorithm With Columbia University

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota—Imbio, LLC, a diagnostic, medical imaging software company has entered into a license agreement with Columbia University under which it has acquired rights to their semi-automated tumor segmentation algorithm, designed to computationally identify the borders of brain tumors on MRI images of patients with gliomas.

The current gold standard for assessing a tumor’s response to treatment is based on measurements of tumor size on magnetic resonance (MR) images. Newer techniques use MR Imaging to probe treatment response further by measuring more sensitive characteristics of the tumor viability and physiology. These techniques may allow clinicians to better tailor therapeutic approaches to the patient.

A major aspect of these advanced imaging techniques is the ability to identify where healthy brain tissue ends and tumor begins. Presently, physicians manually draw (or segment) the boundaries of the tumor. This step is time-consuming, and results in inconsistent boundary definitions even between expert physicians. A computer program that standardizes and automates this step is highly desirable to obtain consistent results that are independent of the physician’s level of experience.

“Identification of glioma boundaries on MRI has been challenging due to the nature of the tumors: they are extremely complex, irregular and infiltrative.” said Dr. Binsheng Zhao, Director of the Computational Image Analysis Lab in the Department of Radiology at Columbia University. “Our new approach is revolutionary in its advanced image analysis algorithm, ease of use, speed and reliability.” The solution licensed by Imbio and developed by Columbia University’s Computational Image Analysis Lab will save time, improve clinical workflow and, most importantly, provide reliable and consistent tumor segmentations.

Cynthia Maier, CEO of Imbio stated, “The semi-automated tumor segmentation is an innovative approach that will allow us to push our tumor applications further than any other commercial software. We are very excited that Columbia University chose Imbio as a partner to develop its algorithm and to advance this technology.”

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