OneOme Analyzes First Genetic Data From Mayo Clinic Patients, Delivers First Reports

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota—OneOme, LLC, a pharmacogenomics company, recently analyzed genetic data from the first two patients using the PGxExpress product developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Both analyses were delivered successfully in the form of comprehensive reports to the patients through the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM).

The PGxExpress is a test covering a total of nine genes: six genes involved in drug metabolism and three genes clinically proven to be associated with adverse drug reactions (ADRs), including warfarin testing, statin intolerance, and allopurinol hypersensitivity. OneOme delivers a comprehensive report featuring recommendations for 129 drugs across many fields of medicine, such as cardiology, endocrinology or neurology, and covering more than 90% on the most prescribed drugs. The PGxExpress testing brings individualized medicine to the next level of personalized medicine by helping to ensure the patient receives the right drug at the right time.

Troy Kopischke, CEO, stated: “I am enthused that our work is benefiting both physicians and patients by assisting to better define the most appropriate treatment for patients’ conditions. This is our first step to bringing the benefits of pharmacogenomics knowledge to the bedside.”

Dr. Konstantinos Lazaridis, M.D., Associate Director of CIM in Minnesota and Director of the Individualized Medicine Clinic said, “We designed and implemented the PGx Express product with the goal to improve the care of our patients and to transform our clinical practice in a positive way. I am elated because our objective to serve our patients with this test was realized even the first time used in our practice.”

By the end of the year, OneOme expects to expand its drug library to 250+ drugs, with interpretation of whole exome data available.

Dr. Lazaridis is the Everett J. and Jane M. Hauck Associate Director in Minnesota andWilliam O. Lund, Jr., and Natalie C. Lund Co-Director, Clinomics Program.

Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the product discussed in this news release.

About OneOme, LLC

OneOme, LLC, is a company dedicated to provide accurate, solutions for pharmacogenomic interpretation with actionable clinical information to support healthcare professionals with prescription decisions and individualized treatment plans. OneOme prides itself in the quality and accuracy of the data included in its libraries.

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