Flywheel and The Wandell Lab at Stanford University Enter Co-Development Agreement

MINNEAPOLIS, March 17, 2016 /PR Newswire/ – Flywheel, a scientific research software development company, announced that it has entered an agreement with Stanford University’s Vision Imaging Science and Technology (VISTA) Lab, led by Professor Brian Wandell, to further enhance the Flywheel research platform.

Through this agreement Flywheel will provide the VISTA Lab with its current product offering, including Flywheel Core for organizing neuroimaging data, Flywheel Connector for automatically importing data from the imaging instrument, and Flywheel Data Studio for managing image processing jobs and coordinating an algorithm pipeline. The VISTA Lab will assist in the development of Flywheel’s software, which will accelerate prototype and experimental software code development. This opportunity allows both parties to continue building on their shared vision for collaborative and open research.

Imad Nijim, COO of Flywheel stated, “We are dedicated to building the best productivity tools for scientists and researchers. Our relationship with Professor Wandell’s lab gives us first-hand access to the needs of neuroscientists as well as insights into the complicated data challenges we need to solve together.”

Professor Brian Wandell, principal investigator of the VISTA Lab stated, “We are enthusiastic about working with Flywheel to simplify the management of neuroimaging data and algorithms. Along with our collaborators, over the last twenty-five years we acquired many unique data sets and algorithms. We believe the tools being created by Flywheel will help us derive new insights from this work. It is particularly important to us that we develop reproducible research methods that can be shared and tested by others.”

The combined expertise of the two teams will yield a perfected product that empowers scientists and researchers to collaborate around the globe.

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About the VISTA Lab at Stanford University

The VISTA Lab (Vision Imaging Science and Technology Lab) studies the human visual system by employing methods used in neuroimaging and behavior, to include fMRI. An interdisciplinary lab, the team collaborates with groups in Neuroscience, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. The lab is led by Professor Brian Wandell, Director of Stanford’s Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging and Isaac and Madeline Stein Family Professor.

About Flywheel

Flywheel is a software development company building a scientific data management and analysis platform that makes data accessible, shareable, and reproducible. A young and innovative company, Flywheel simplifies the capture, organization, and analysis of data while enabling scalable, effective data sharing between scientific research groups worldwide. This will empower scientists to do great work together by allowing them to concentrate on the science, not the IT. For more information, visit