Pharmacogenomics Company OneOme Moves Steps Closer to Product Launch

Minneapolis, Minn., July 12, 2016 – In preparation for its full launch of the RightMed™ pharmacogenomic test, OneOme announces Paul Owen as Chief Executive Officer and opens its new headquarters and lab in northeast Minneapolis. By mid-July, OneOme will make the RightMed test commercially available to healthcare providers worldwide through

Owen has served as President and Chief Operating Officer of OneOme since August 2015. He replaces Troy Kopischke who becomes OneOme’s Chairman of the Board. Prior to joining OneOme, Owen developed the global commercialization team at the genetic information company Invitae. Prior to that, he spent 11 years leading global business services at Mayo Medical Laboratories.

“I am thrilled to help lead our great team in these critical early stages and through our inaugural product launch,” said Owen. “After years of research and development, we are thrilled to bring a low-cost, comprehensive pharmacogenomic test to market and to help healthcare providers make better prescription decisions.”

OneOme’s RightMed test was developed to address the fact that around half of the four billion prescriptions in the U.S. issued each year do not work as intended, and that adverse drug reactions account for seven percent of hospital admissions and 20 percent of readmissions.

With key leaders settling into place, the OneOme team opened its corporate office and CLIA-registered clinical laboratory inside the Highlight Center in northeast Minneapolis. The fully remodeled space is designed to optimize workflow in its high-throughput clinical laboratory and provide efficiency to the client services department.

“By expanding our laboratory and client services capabilities, we are now able to bring the benefits and understanding of pharmacogenomics to physicians, pharmacists, and patients,” said Owen. “RightMed makes prescriptions personal by assisting healthcare professionals in better defining the most appropriate treatment for patients. We’re excited to achieve this milestone.”

The RightMed test is a personalized pharmacogenomic analysis of 22 genes that helps providers easily make personalized treatment decisions across more than 340 medications for more than 20 medical indications. The RightMed test is ordered by providers for use in patient consultation and care.

The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care. OneOme’s RightMed test interpretation is currently in use by Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM).

OneOme is a privately held company backed by early-stage venture firm Invenshure, LLC, and Mayo Clinic. To learn more about OneOme, visit