During Heart Month, OneOme Highlights How RightMed Pharmacogenomic Test Can Help People Taking Heart Medications

MINNEAPOLIS (Feb. 1, 2017) – This Heart Month, people suffering from heart conditions have a new opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their cardiovascular treatments through their healthcare provider: OneOme’s RightMed pharmacogenomic test. The RightMed test uses the power of DNA to minimize medication trial and error by determining which heart medications may work best for an individual patient.

“Figuring out which heart medication will work best for you through trial and error is expensive, time-consuming and potentially dangerous. The RightMed pharmacogenomic test minimizes those risks by using your DNA to predict how heart medications will work for an individual patient,” Paul Owen, CEO of OneOme, said. “This Heart Month, we encourage those who are suffering from heart conditions to speak with their healthcare provider about using OneOme’s RightMed test to make their prescriptions personal.”

OneOme’s RightMed test was co-developed with Mayo Clinic to offer a cost-effective, comprehensive, personalized pharmacogenomic analysis of 22 genes provided as part of routine clinical care. The $249 test helps providers easily make personalized treatment decisions across more than 340 medications, including 39 heart medications.

February is American Heart Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Taking medication to treat cardiovascular disease is one of the steps the CDC recommends to prevent heart disease.

Genetic factors can account for up to 95 percent of how a patient responds to medications, and those drugs sometimes have serious side effects. In some patients, heart medications are known to cause reactions including elevated blood potassium levels, low blood pressure, headaches, chest pain, blurred vision, and dizziness. OneOme’s RightMed pharmacogenomic test uses a patient’s DNA to determine which medications may be the most effective for that individual. By doing so, the RightMed test may assist your physician in choosing a medication with less side effects and drug interactions, and increases drug effectiveness for heart medications and other prescription drugs.

To learn more about using the RightMed test for cardiovascular treatment, and to download a patient toolkit, please visit: oneome.com/cardiac.

Adverse drug reactions are now the fourth-leading cause of death, and more than half of the four billion prescriptions issued each year do not work as intended. The OneOme platform brings pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care. By using a physician-ordered cheek swab test taken at home or as part of a doctor’s visit, physicians will have a better idea of how their patients’ 22 genes analyzed through the test will respond to various medications.

The RightMed test is available globally and anyone can take it. Patients who may benefit most include: those who are taking some classes of medication, such as cardiovascular or psychiatric patients; those who are struggling with adverse drug reactions and/or medications that are not working; and/or those who are on multiple medications.

About OneOme
The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care. OneOme is a privately held company backed by early-stage venture firm Invenshure, LLC, and Mayo Clinic. To learn more about OneOme, visit www.oneome.com.