How Personalized Medicine Will Make Us Healthier

Minnesota Monthly published an article describing how precision medicine can help improve people’s health, highlighting OneOme as a company that strives to bring precision medicine into routine clinical care.

The article cites the example of a woman who suddenly fell so ill that she was hours from death. When taken to the hospital, the doctors realized the cause was the way in which her body was processing a medication that she recently had started taking. She lacks a gene that allows her body to metabolize the medication, and the build-up of this medication in her body was causing severe dehydration, almost to the point of killing her. Precision medicine can help mitigate situations like these by integrating the information that an individual’s genes can provide into his or her healthcare.

Pharmacogenomics is a subfield within precision medicine that uses individual patients’ genes to predict how they will respond to certain drugs. OneOme, a local Minneapolis pharmacogenomics company co-developed and exclusively licensed the RightMed pharmacogenomic test with Mayo Clinic. The test integrates a patient’s genetic profile with his or her medication history to determine how that individual will metabolize 340+ medications from 28 medical conditions. Ordered by a physician, the test is clinically actionable, and its results are integrated into the patient’s electronic medical records for a lifelong resource.

Read the Minnesota Monthly article, How Personalized Medicine Will Make Us Healthier.