OneOme Wins Eureka! Innovation Award

MINNEAPOLIS (May 08, 2017) – Minneapolis-based pharmacogenomics company OneOme today announced it has earned a 2017 Eureka Innovation Award from the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. The Eureka Innovation awards recognize game-changing companies across Minnesota industries. OneOme earned this recognition due to its groundbreaking product that brings routine pharmacogenomic testing into medical clinics around the world, and integrates results into the patient’s medical record for years of more accurate, personalized prescriptions.

Pharmacogenomics combines the study of how drugs affect our bodies (pharmacology) with the study of our genes and their functions (genomics). OneOme’s RightMed test, which was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic, analyzes a patient’s genetic information to better predict his or her response to medication.

“OneOme is proud to celebrate our innovation that makes pharmacogenomic testing accessible and available around the world,” said Paul Owen, CEO of OneOme. “OneOme is committed to continued growth as we aim to make prescriptions personal and integrate test results into electronic medical records as an ongoing resource for providers and patients. Together with physicians and patients, OneOme’s pioneering RightMed® test and interactive technology helps to combat adverse drug reactions and improve health outcomes and patient safety.”

OneOme is among an elite group of Minnesota-based companies being honored as 2017 Eureka Innovation award winners by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. An awards ceremony celebrating OneOme and other Eureka Innovation award winners will be held on June 21, 2017 in Minneapolis. More information about the awards is available here.

The use of pharmacogenomic testing helps healthcare providers deliver more effective and safer prescriptions to their patients, while eliminating the costly and dangerous process of prescription trial and error. More than four billion prescriptions are issued each year in the U.S., but medication effectiveness varies greatly. Studies show that the response rates for many drugs are only between 50-75 percent. In fact, adverse drug reactions are now the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S., costing Americans an estimated $136 billion annually.

Pharmacogenomics testing was previously a prohibitively expensive and exclusive endeavor. To make pharmacogenomic testing mainstream, OneOme worked with Minnesota companies – including Douglas Scientific, Invenshure, and Mayo Clinic – to develop and launch its RightMed platform. The RightMed test provides an actionable, credible, comprehensive, and affordable alternative to typical pharmacogenomic testing, covering more medical conditions (28) and drugs (340+) than any other clinical pharmacogenomic test on the market today.

By using a physician-ordered cheek swab or blood sample, OneOme’s RightMed test gives physicians a better idea of how an individual patient will respond to more than 340 medications, based on the analysis of 22 of his or her genes. The RightMed solution offers innovative, straight-forward ways to deliver complex medical information while fitting seamlessly into providers’ workflows, saving critical time and effort. OneOme is also working to integrate its RightMed pharmacogenomic solution into a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), so that the results are available and accessible throughout a patient’s lifetime.

OneOme’s business has seen impressive growth in recent months and its reach is expanding across the globe. To date, 160+ hospitals and clinics from ten different countries have ordered OneOme’s RightMed test and that figure is expected to grow as awareness of pharmacogenomics testing spreads.

About OneOme
The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care. OneOme is a privately held company backed by early-stage venture firm Invenshure, LLC, and Mayo Clinic. To learn more about OneOme, visit