Flywheel Announces EEG Data Management Partnership with Brain Vision

Flywhee Emerald elease expanded feature set supports EEG data capture an web-based viewing

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (November 2, 2017) – Flywheel Exchange LLC, the collaborative science platform company, has entered into an agreement with Brain Vision, LLC to develop and sell data management for the neurophysiological research community. This solution will be the world’s first web-based automatic data capture from an electroencephalography (EEG) recording software to a central, cloud-scale database.

Collaboration, data management and security have always been high priorities for neuroimaging researchers; EEG users are no exception. As large-scale studies, universities, and funding agencies promote EEG data protection guidelines, Flywheel and Brain Vision have developed the capabilities to capture, visualize, and classify EEG data on the Flywheel platform. Researchers will be able to leverage the power of Brain Vision’s EEG software and hardware tools while managing, organizing, and sharing their research data on Flywheel’s centralized, permission-based database.

“We are excited to work with Brain Vision on this new and innovative solution” said Imad Nijim, Flywheel COO. “Supporting multiple data types with the same scientific workflow is exactly what our customers are asking for.”

Flywheel’s collaboration and viewing platform for EEG and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) will be showcased at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting during the week of November 12 – November 15 in Washington, D.C.

Brain Vision, is dedicated to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. The focus on positively impacting neuroscience made Brain Vision a worldwide leading manufacturer of hard- and software solutions for neurophysiological research.

About Flywheel:
Flywheel, the collaborative science company, is building a scientific data management and analysis platform that makes data accessible, shareable, and reproducible. A young and innovative company, Flywheel simplifies the capture, organization, and analysis of data while enabling scalable, effective data sharing between scientific research groups worldwide. This will empower scientists to do great work together by allowing them to concentrate on the science, not the IT. For more information, visit