OneOme and Rainbow Genomics Team Up to Provide Innovative Genomic Services to Patients in Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau

MINNEAPOLIS, HONG KONG (September 13, 2017) – Today, OneOme and Rainbow Genomics announced they are teaming up to provide genomic services to patients in Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau. OneOme’s RightMed® pharmacogenomic test will be offered alongside Rainbow Genomics’ whole exome sequencing test services. The full OneOme RightMed platform – which identifies how a patient’s DNA and current medications may affect their response to drugs – will be offered by Rainbow Genomics to patients and physicians.

“This is an exciting partnership,” Paul Owen, CEO of OneOme said. “OneOme and Rainbow Genomics are harnessing the power of genomics to make medicine more precise. OneOme looks forward to providing our RightMed pharmacogenomic solution to patients. Our global growth is helping OneOme unleash the power of pharmacogenomics to make prescriptions personal around the world.”

OneOme’s RightMed pharmacogenomic (PGx) test has the potential to reduce adverse drug reactions, lower re-hospitalization rates, and improve health outcomes by analyzing how a person’s genes may predict their response to medications. OneOme, which was co-developed with Mayo Clinic, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Rainbow Genomics, which has operations in Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States, offers clinical exome sequencing tests with reports based on clear medical evidence. The RightMed PGx test will be offered as both a standalone product, and coupled with exome sequencing for pediatrics, cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and other tests for adult genetic conditions. The partnership allows patients to access the OneOme RightMed test through Rainbow Genomics’ network of physicians and hospitals.

“Patients throughout Hong Kong, Japan, and Macau are increasingly taking medications developed by U.S. and European companies. These drugs are often sold to clinicians with limited dosing and side effect information based on Asian genetics. As a result, patients suffer from imprecise medications and treatment due to outdated trial-and-error techniques,” Daniel Siu, CEO of Rainbow Genomics, added. “Together with OneOme, Rainbow Genomics offers a highly-credible PGx solution with clinical utility appropriate for Asian patients to guide physicians and personalize medicine.”

OneOme’s pharmacogenomic testing and clinical support tools are easy-to-use, intuitive, and ready to be integrated into clinical practices. The RightMed pharmacogenomic test covers 22 genes, 340+ medications for more than 28 medical indications, and it can be integrated into electronic medical records (EMRs). To date, over 350 locations from 17 different countries have ordered OneOme’s RightMed test, and OneOme continues to build research and commercial partnerships across the globe, including recent partnerships in Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

About Rainbow Genomics
Rainbow Genomics is committed to providing clinically-validated and affordable genetic tests to patients in Asia. The company delivers clinical interpretations specifically for Asians, based on expert understanding of Asian genetics, and medical care experience for Asian patients in Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, and the United States. Rainbow Genomics specializes in providing whole exome sequencing and pharmacogenomic tests to enable individuals and their physicians to use genomic information for diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention. Visit us at

About OneOme
The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care. OneOme is a privately held company backed by early-stage venture firm Invenshure, LLC, and Mayo Clinic. To learn more about OneOme, visit

Editor’s Note: Mayo Clinic has financial investment in the technology referenced in this news release. The revenue that Mayo Clinic will receive is used to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education and research.