GeneMatters ensures that patients have access to genetic counseling when they need it. Partnering with hospitals, health systems, clinics, academic research, and genetic labs, GeneMatters combines deep clinical expertise and a proprietary technology platform to provide a scalable genetic counseling service on demand.

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Flywheel provides a cloud-scale collaborative science platform for pharma, biotech, and academic research that makes data accessible, sharable, and reproducible. A joint venture with lead scientists from Stanford, Flywheel's software platform has been installed in several leading research institutions around the world.



OneOme is a healthcare technology company co-founded by Invenshure. OneOme co-developed the RightMed® test, a pharmacogenomic test that analyzes a patient's DNA to help healthcare providers make more informed medication decisions for the patient.



Imbio, LLC, is a medical imaging software company fulling automated, FDA/CE approved analytic techniques for clinician, medical, devices manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.



Exosite, LLC, is an IoT software company that allows businesses to strategically leverage the revolutionary world of connected devices. The company received a minority investment from Parker Hannifin in 2015 and is actively scaling its market share.



Tychon is commercializing novel adaptive immunotherapy technology in the rapidly exploding immuno-oncology marketplace. The company’s technology has produced impressive animal data and is preparing for its Phase 1 clinical trial.



Sarisa is developing a bi-functional inhibitor targeting a host of indications including cancer, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases. Sarisa is currently collaborating with several medical institutions to optimize the efficacy and safety of its lead clinical candidate.